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Website Design and Development

Kissinger's Website Design and Development services help you create a strong web presence that meets your business objectives, satisfies customers, and correctly presents your brand and value proposition.

You can now have a new website, redesign your current site, or offer customers an integrated e-Commerce website (online store)!


Why use Kissinger Website Design and Development?

Because a web designer will only talk about the look. A web developer can only speak about the functions.

Only Kissinger takes a holistic business perspective to see how your web presence fits into your business. That's how we help you:

  • Get more leads
  • Offer a more visible, accessible site
  • Create a better first impression online
  • Let smart phone and tablet users see your website
  • Achieve higher rankings in search engines


Web Project Management

The options for website and e-commerce design can be overwhelming. Why saddle your business with unneeded stress?

Kissinger handles web project management for you! Once we understand your business objectives, we'll coordinate the entire process so your project comes in on time and on budget.

Plus, we'll take care of the details: what colors work best, how to integrate your web presence into your business software, and how your checkout process should work.


Website Design and Development services include:

Website Design

Whether you're starting from scratch or re-designing a website beyond its years, Website Design is a multi-faceted process that involves your business processes, marketing, and reputation.

e-Commerce Design

An online store (or e-commerce website) can be a perfect complement to your physical location. It adds convenience for customers, and becomes a new revenue source.

Sage 100 Website Integration

Experience beautiful integration between your Sage 100 ERP system and your website/online store.

Mobile Website Design

How does your site look on smart phones and tablets, which more and more people are using to access the Internet? You can capitalize on this growing segment with a beautiful mobile website.


Ready to get started?

Contact Kissinger at 800-562-5456, send an , or download "Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Web Presence".