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e-Commerce Design

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Create a great online shopping experience that rivals the real thing.

Shopping online is more convenient than ever for customers. And they're getting more and more comfortable doing business that way.

Offer customers an e-Commerce website tailored to look just like your website. Kissinger e-Commerce Design can even optimize your product catalog so listings appear higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing results.

E-commerce sites can also feature:

  • Search capabilities
  • Floating shopping carts
  • Single-page express checkout
  • Coupon code support

Kissinger's e-Commerce Design even gives you the freedom to choose different shipping, sales tax, and credit card processing options.

What is e-Commerce?

It's a way for you to sell products and services to online shoppers. That could mean an online store, shopping cart, recommendation system, or a customer portal.

Why have an e-Commerce website?

  • 85% of internet users shop online1
  • Online holiday spending in 2011 totaled $37.2 billion2
  • 74 million US consumers shop with mobile devices3

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