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Accounting and Financials

Strong accounting and financial management software is the centerpiece of a solid business management solution. Kissinger offers flexible, modular systems that give you the options you need to record, track and analyze your company's financial performance with the knowledge that your solution is build on a solid financial management foundation.

Business Intelligence

To stay competitive, you need business intelligence tools to analyze your operations and help you better understand and manage key aspects. With powerful reporting features, many opportunities to customize the system, and integration with third party products, our business intelligence solutions help you gain valuable insight into your business data and operations, allowing you to make more effective decisions.

Custom Software Solutions

A custom solution may be the best way to solve a business automation challenge. You'll want to evaluate your customization options and select the best method for you and your business. When you choose a Kissinger solution, we'll use built-in software customization tools or implement a solution designed and programmed specifically for your business. We can even set up customized reporting.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Business begins and ends with your customers, and your ability to follow through on requests and communicate in a timely, consistent manner can make or break your chances for success. To that end, software industry analysts are predicting that customer contact and relationship management will become the largest growth segment in the software market, and will have a lasting impact on how companies conduct business in the future. Kissinger understands that the way you connect with your customers is one of the most important aspects of your business. That's why we've made it our business to offer integrated customer relationship management (CRM) systems that are designed to help you keep your customers satisfied.


Sage specializes in bringing robust, insightful accounting and business management solutions suitable for virtually any industry. In addition, with the help of industry experts, Sage has developed solutions specifically for the distribution industry. These solutions can help you effectively manage your inventory, ensure on-time delivery and maximize your productivity. We can provide the tools you need to optimize your inventory levels and improve profitability as your company grows.

E-Commerce and Web

Spearheaded by Internet-related technology, a fundamental change is dramatically impacting businesses of every kind. Sage demonstrates its commitment to facilitating this change by delivering powerful Web-related modules that provide your employees and customers with the information they require over the Web, and in some cases, can help you conduct business operations via the Internet. Kissinger specializes in bringing robust, insightful accounting and business management applications to small and mid-sized companies, and provides a quality software platform and implementation capabilities to help you maximize your efficiency and seize new global market opportunities.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Integrated EDI solutions provide you with the capability to meet customer or vendor EDI requirements while capturing the benefits of integration and eliminating the need for re-keying EDI data into your accounting or ERP system. Kissinger EDI solutions combine power and flexibility to give you many options for implementing an EDI solution that's right for your business.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

The goal of an effective ERP software solution is to integrate business processes across the different parts of your organization within a single enterprise-wide system. Following the implementation of an ERP solution, your business can experience immediate benefits including reduced operating costs, lower inventory control costs and lower production costs. In addition, most businesses experience improved coordination across functional areas and find that they have become more efficient, in general, at doing business. Explore the ERP solutions we offer to learn more.

Fixed Asset Management

The fixed asset management solutions from Sage help organizations of all sizes save time and money -- without sacrificing accuracy or control. By automating the task of managing fixed assets, Sage solutions can help you get the best results from your efforts, whether you're a private company or a nonprofit organization. Our fixed asset solutions are the best way to quickly and accurately answer tough questions about your fixed assets.

Government Compliance Reporting

Kissinger can help you extend the functionality of your standard Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 or 200) system with fully integrated solutions for complying with government reporting requirements that apply to your business. If your business is required to produce and submit certified payroll reports or calculate union payroll wage rates and perform complicated fringe benefit calculations for detailed union labor reporting, Kissinger has the solutions you need.

Human Resource Management

Sage is an industry leader in delivering powerful, easy-to-use human resource management solutions. HR solutions from Sage offer a wide variety of affordable solutions to meet your organization's changing business needs and daily operations. With solutions that include recruiting, training, and benefits administration, Sage Software can help you get the best results from these elements of your operations.

Job Costing and AIA Billing

In today's competitive market, with profit margins getting tighter, effective job costing is an essential management tool for keeping a close eye on job profitability. Enterprise project management software allows you to track projects and collect data on the actual time spent and the expenses incurred on each task. And if you have further requirements for producing AIA billings, Kissinger AIA Job Cost Billing provides Sage 100 ERP users in the construction industry with a complete solution for billing customers under the American Institute of Architects (AIA) billing format.


Sage solutions have been serving manufacturing clients for over a quarter century, and manufacturing-specific solutions are available for some Sage product lines. It's crucial that your manufacturing business is ready and able to deliver when demand hits. Kissinger can provide you the tools to keep production running smoothly and efficiently, including powerful inventory management tools, job costing tools and much more. These advantages make our manufacturing products the ideal solutions for today's manufacturing companies.

Payroll Systems and Direct Deposit

Security and peace of mind comes with knowing that you can easily manage your payroll in house without the fees that an outsourced payroll provider would charge every month. Plus extra fees for simple reports! Our payroll software solutions are designed to make your payroll management easy. And if you'd like to offer employees the convenience of direct deposit, consider ACH Direct for Sage 100. ACH Direct helps you provide an important employee benefit and makes the job of "doing the payroll" much easier.

Project Accounting

Effective project management enables companies - professional services firms, contractors and corporate IT departments in particular - to achieve operational excellence through the unique ability to control people, projects and budgets with exceptional flexibility. The end result helps generate more revenue at a lower cost, eliminate wasted hours and produce more bottom-line savings.