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Software and Business Management Services from Kissinger

Kissinger has a lot to offer you with a broad range of software and business management services

We're here to help: Explore our service offerings and discover how we can help you achieve greater success. Our highly-skilled consultants and service providers are available for projects large and small.

Consulting Services

Kissinger can provide a variety of consulting services depending on your specific business needs. We'll work with you to understand your objectives and craft an approach that focuses on your priorities, and stays within your budget. Our areas of consulting expertise include:

Custom Programming Services

Since 1989, we have been developing and supporting seamlessly integrated software enhancements that extend the functionality of our clients' business applications. When your standard software application doesn't offer a capability you need, custom development and programming may be the answer.

Customized Crystal Reports

Today's business applications are powerful. Systems collect and retain lots of useful business data, and there are many standard reports at your disposal. But every business has unique needs, and clients often request that we design a new report to give them exactly the details they need, when then need them.

Customized Financial Reporting

If you need complex, customized financial reporting that makes it easy for you and your co-workers to analyze your business, FRx is the right tool for the job. But what you may need even more than the tool is the expert assistance to craft the reports you need. Kissinger can help you produce well-designed and effective financial reports that will give you the insights you need.

Data Migration and Integration

Integrated solutions can bring many advantages to your business. When data flows easily between your business software applications, your staff can focus on the customer instead of worrying about how to get the right information from one place to another. Kissinger can help you achieve data migration and integration in several ways.

Data Mining and Dashboard Reporting

Having key performance information at your fingertips is critical to success in today's competitive business environment. Through the use of data mining and real-time reporting, Kissinger can provide you with valuable solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

EDI MyWay Value-Added Network (VAN)

With the lowest transaction costs available anywhere and the freedom to use any EDI software—ours or others—the EDI MyWay VAN gives you an unbeatable VAN value. Take advantage of our free VAN savings analysis and let us compare your costs today.

Support Services

At Kissinger, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed our clients' customer support expectations. In fact, we ask clients to rate their support experiences with us, and we continue to earn consistently high marks. High quality support services are crucial to your business, and we are always striving to provide our customers with the excellent service they deserve.

Training Services

Expertly provided training services can make the difference between just having great software and really using it effectively as a business management tool. When you select our services, you'll receive thorough, hands-on training provided by certified trainers with solid business and accounting skills.

Web Application Integration Services

How much time and money could you save your company if your back office accounting applications were connected to your Internet-based applications or processes? Our web application integration services can help you achieve connectivity and integration so your business runs more smoothly.

Website Design and Development

Whether you're looking to improve your website, build an online store, or integrate an online store or website with your Sage ERP system, our website design and development services find the right resources to improve your web presence. We can even take the project management tasks off your hands so your business continues uninterrupted.