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Sage MAS 90 and 200 Union Payroll Reporting

Automate Your Union Payroll
Calculation and Reporting Requirements

Union Automation for Sage 100 (MAS 90/200)

If your company employs union labor, you are well aware of the additional time required to calculate wages, deductions, and fringe benefits and to prepare the necessary reports. Union Automation brings efficiency to the process of performing union labor calculations and gives you the detailed reports you need.

With Union Automation you can:

  • Focus on your business, not on tedious and time-consuming calculations and reporting for wages, deductions and fringe benefits
  • Calculate pay for a single employee
    ...on several job sites, multiple states, multiple labor classifications,
    ...under multiple union jurisdictions,
    ...and under a variety of workers' compensation insurance classifications, all within the same pay period
  • Have unlimited earning and deduction types per employee within a payroll period
  • Select from many different methods for calculating fringe benefits, using an unlimited number of user-defined fringe benefit codes
  • Automatically generate reports monthly or at the end of each pay period

Union Automation - features, benefits, and reports

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