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Sage MAS 90 and 200 Certified Payroll

Produce and Submit Certified Payroll
Reports with Minimal Effort

Certified Payroll for Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200)

If you're a contractor or subcontractor using Sage 100 ERP and you are required to submit weekly payrolls to government or governmentally-aided construction-type contracts and subcontracts, you need Certified Payroll.

With Certified Payroll, you will:

  • Save time and money by eliminating busy work: a fully integrated solution means no more manual calculations or re-keying data into a separate system
  • Get paid faster, since reporting is generated automatically and quickly, right out of your accounting system
  • Enjoy seamless integration with the Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) Payroll and Job Cost (optional) modules
  • Calculate pay for a single employee on several job sites, in multiple states, in multiple labor classifications, and under a variety of workers' compensation insurance classifications, all within the same pay period
  • Mix payroll entries for jobs requiring certified payroll reports, jobs not requiring certified payroll reports, and entries for all other payroll types, all within the same pay period
  • Focus on your business instead of compliance reporting: integrated reporting automatically creates timely, legible, and accurate reports and eliminates transposition errors

Certified Payroll enhances the standard Sage 100 Payroll module to provide the reports required for the US Department of Labor Payroll Form WH-347, plus other reports for labor and fringe benefit administration.

Certified Payroll keeps a detailed accounting of hours, rates, and fringe benefits paid by date and work classification (labor code) for each employee. The Certified Payroll Report provides all the information required to complete U. S. Department of Labor payroll form WH-347, and in many cases, can be submitted directly.

The Certified Payroll Fringe Benefit Report provides information needed to administer the funding of qualified programs based on hours worked on certified jobs.

Certified Payroll - features, benefits and reports

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