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eInvoicing Consulting
for suppliers to the oil and gas industry

Fully integrated eInvoicing (EIPP) solutions save valuable time and money for savvy suppliers

If you're using (or need to begin using) DO2 Technologies (formerly Digital Oilfield) or Oildex for electronic invoicing to your customers, you need to automate the process.

Kissinger develops, implements, and supports fully-automated e-invoicing solutions for suppliers to the oil and gas industry to bring speed, efficiency, and integration to the e-Invoicing (EIPP) process.

Our customers require integrated solutions due to the volume of invoice transactions they are processing; online or web-based invoice entry (or even manual upload) just isn't an option.

As a supplier to operating company customers and hubs such as ARC Resources, BP, Denbury Resources, Devon Energy, EnCana, EnCana USA, Enerplus, Nexen, Noble Energy, Occidental Petroleum, Pengrowth Energy Trust, Pioneer Natural Resources, Southwestern Energy, and XTO Energy and others, you can use our automated electronic invoicing solutions to:

  • Eliminate the need to re-key invoice data in order to present invoices to your customers
  • Use data directly from your accounting or ERP system to create and submit electronic invoices
  • Accurately meet the standards and procedures required by DO2 Technologies (formerly Digital Oilfield, Inc.) OpenInvoice system, Transzap's Oildex RevenueWorks system, and others
  • Include scanned images (service delivery tickets, for example) with completely electronic invoices in an integrated environment
  • Achieve immediate invoice presentation: once the invoice is generated by your accounting or ERP system, it can be transformed and routed directly to the operating company without being uploaded or re-keyed into the OpenInvoice or RevenueWorks system: no login, no manual processing required

Our solutions take data directly from your accounting or ERP system and transform it using PIDX XML formats required by systems like OpenInvoice (by DO2 Technologies Inc., formerly Digital Oilfield, Inc.) and Oildex RevenueWorks (by Transzap, Inc.).

Whether you're using DO2, Oildex, or even a direct operator connection, invoices can be integrated automatically, with no data entry or effort required.

eInvoicing solutions for virtually any accounting or ERP system:
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Automatically transform and transmit invoices and associated attachments
  • No login, no manual upload, no data entry
  • Uses PIDX XML standards and RosettaNet (RNIF)