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Sage CRM Builder

Adapt and extend Sage CRM to manage any area of your business thanks to the endless flexibility of Sage CRM Builder

Did you know you can manage any area of your business with Sage CRM Builder?

Sage CRM Builder can help you become more productive, it can help your teams become more efficient, and it can help you manage the important areas of your business.

For several years, the US-based waste management company used over 500 spread sheets to manage a complex customer service chain. As the company grew, it faced problems like inefficient business processes, inaccurate data and inconsistent communications. The company also wanted a way of improving customer service.

It’s one of the most powerful and flexible tools we’ve created for Sage CRM. With Sage CRM Builder, you:

  • Plan events
  • Run training courses
  • Manage products and equipment
  • Oversee key business projects
  • Track competitors

Experience the power of Sage CRM Builder

With Sage CRM Builder, you can can adapt Sage CRM to suit your unique business needs. Sage CRM Builder is a powerful, accessible and affordable tool for business people, and it's changing the way customers use Sage CRM.


We created a drag and drop interface for Sage CRM Builder making it our most intuitive tool to date. You and your team can:

  • Create custom business modules in just six simple steps
  • Upload your important business data to Sage CRM


Anything you create with Sage CRM Builder is accessible online, through the cloud. You and your team can:

  • Find information stored within Sage CRM on your mobile device
  • Use your custom business modules in the office or on the road


Sage CRM Builder provides powerful reporting tools for making smarter business decisions. You and your team can:

  • Gain great business insight by reporting on the details of what you create
  • Make business decisions faster by using at-a-glance reporting tools


We created Sage CRM Builder so you can adapt Sage CRM to fit with how you like to work. You and your team can:

  • Change your screens within Sage CRM and make them more personal
  • Develop business-specific workflows for managing important data


We include Sage CRM Builder as part of your monthly subscription for Sage CRM Professional Edition.

Sage CRM Builder



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