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The Kissinger Story

Kissinger has been providing industry-leading integrated accounting and business management software solutions to small and mid-sized businesses since 1985.

Kissinger Associates was founded in 1985 by Darryl Kissinger as a business systems consulting company serving Southeastern PA. Within a few years, the company recognized the opportunity to grow regionally and then to serve a national market.

In the early years, we provided lots of customization and programming services to small companies that were often looking to take advantage of efficient and relatively inexpensive Unix systems to automate business activity.

As Windows platforms became dominant and applications became more and more flexible and powerful, customers needed different kinds of services. These changing needs drove our business focus to evolve away from custom programming (although we're seeing a resurgence today in the form of web application integration) toward consulting and training services designed to help customers harness the built-in power and flexibility of today's software solutions.

Today, when you select Kissinger you are choosing a partner with substantial technical resources ready to be delivered. Dedicated service teams provide business system implementation and consulting, telephone and web-based support, custom programming, and enhancement software development. Kissinger has already invested in a large technical staff. As a customer, you will reap the rewards of an unparalleled depth and breadth of skills.

But, we recognize that all of this is only important to you if we can offer well-designed solutions that meet the unique needs of your business at a price that makes sense for you. This requirement should be foremost in your mind as you work through the process of selecting a business technology partner.

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