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A Note on the Sage Rebranding

You might have noticed some new Sage product names appearing on our website. That’s because over the course of 2012, Sage is dropping the term “MAS” from its ERP family of software solutions and changing the name of several other products.

The new brand names match up with the names used by Sage in Europe. This means a stronger, more consistent brand experience for customers.

The “MAS” name has been around since the 1980’s, so it will be strange to see it go. But the software is so much more than a Master Accounting Series today; it’s a powerful management solution for all parts of business.

Here’s a handy breakdown of the name changes for the Sage solutions Kissinger sells and services:


Sage 100 ERP


Sage 500 ERP


Sage Fixed Assets




Products that include these names will reflect the new branding (ex. Sage MAS 90 Online will become Sage 100 ERP Online).

There are no changes to the Sage software itself (aside from the recent release of Sage 90 and 200/100 Version 4.5), but please contact us if you have any questions on the rebranding or Sage software in general.

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