Business Consulting -
Our Approach

Holistic Thinking

Our comprehensive consulting starts when we learn how you do business and what your requirements are. Once we understand your company, we'll get you the software, implementation, support, training—anything you need—to achieve your business goals.

Technology-based Results

With more than 400 clients serviced, we've built a rich background in business technology. We draw on the depth and breadth of our resources to offer you effective solutions that use business technology when necessary.

If your goals can be achieved with your current solutions, we'll tell you. But when technology is required, Kissinger recommends and sets up the best tools for outstanding results.

Focus on Applications

Software is a tool that must be chosen and used wisely. Applications like the General Ledger module in Sage 100 are "general purpose" tools for specific business functions like purchasing, payroll, accounting, or order processing.

Kissinger Business Consultants know the subtleties and nuances of powerful Sage ERP systems—Sage 100 (MAS 90/200), and Sage 500 (MAS 500)—and other software (CRM). That's how we help you take advantage of your system, and tailor it to meet your company's specific needs, requirements, and processes.

Our Sage software expertise covers everything—from everyday system usage to major tasks like year-end closing and system updates. With all your system's applications and processing options, why use your own resources when an expert can optimize the system for you?

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