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Compliance and Internal Controls

eProcessManager® by Transition/1,
a Sage Software Endorsed Solution

The eProcessManager® Suite is a revolutionary performance, compliance and management solution that allows businesses to design, execute and monitor their business strategies by aligning, integrating and analyzing six main business principles considered the:

"Control Environment"
  1. Company Vision, Mission and Values - Identify and disseminate the corporate vision of where the company is going and the corporate values.
  2. Strategic Goals - Align the company's goals, objectives, issues and opportunities with the vision. Establish the foundation and direction for the management team to align with. Ensure the goals and objectives are balanced between financial, customer, internal innovation and employee orientations.
  3. Key Business Cycles and Processes - Identify and document the key business cycles and processes that will impact and drive you toward achieving your goals, objectives and vision. Design and map the process in alignment with higher level objectives. Identify and align key resources including people and technology that support the process and make it effective. Identify key control activities that ensure financial reporting, operational or governmental compliance effectiveness.
  4. Risk Management - Capture and manage entity, departmental, business cycle and process risks, issues and opportunities. Organize risks by financial reporting, operational, governmental compliance or strategic categories. Built in risk assessments will help determine where you are, and position you to improve where you will receive the biggest impact based on your objectives. Identify and improve existing and future control activities that add the most value based on resources that are available.
  5. Performance and Compliance Management - Identify and manage key performance and compliance indicators (KPI's and KCI's) that can measure the effectiveness of your processes and controls. Align with your accounting and operational technology systems to ensure effectiveness of the process. Get scorecards fully integrated into your daily operational systems.
  6. Continuous Improvement and Monitoring - Monitor and align your existing transactional systems to ensure your performance and compliance initiatives are working effectively. Understand and obtain visibility of the real-time impact of what's going on in the control or performance environment. Receive alerts when controls or performance go out of acceptable tolerance levels. Automate work-flow based on events and transactions that happen daily in your transactional systems.

The eProcessManager® Suite is comprised of:

eProcessManager® - core module that provides the ability to facilitate, capture , document and align the organizational strategy, business processes, risks and control activities that move your organization to your corporate vision.

eProcessMonitor™ - facilitates the alignment of the business processes to your technology and transactional systems that support the process with real-time feedback to detect and/or prevent the occurrence or significance of events that can negatively or positively impact your organization.

eProcessManager® templates - Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) (Industry specific) also available with COSO framework.

eProcessManager® Suite Highlights

  • A powerful tool for managing, measuring and strengthening an organization's operations by managing financial reporting accuracy, operational efficiencies and governmental compliance in alignment with the business strategy.
  • Comply with new audit control documentation requirements in days not months.
  • Automates end-to-end Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes, including corporate governance and oversight, risk, compliance and performance management and reporting.
  • Establish and monitor process control objectives (financial reporting, operational, governmental compliance and strategic).
  • Manage business risks by integrating designing, automating and monitoring control activities within the business processes specifically designed to align to and realize the organization's vision and to meet strategic goals.
  • Generate training documentation aligned with the business process flow.
  • Templates aligned with application used and industry.
  • Templates include:

    • Risk and Business Assessment
    • Goals and Objective
    • Control Activities
    • Process Documentation
    • Financial Reporting Elements
    • Risk and Control Matrix
    • Performance/Compliance Scorecard

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