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Sage 500 (MAS 500)
Wholesale Distribution

The Sage 500 (MAS 500) wholesale distribution software comprises a robust suite of modules that work synergistically to provide advanced solutions for tracking, managing, and replenishing inventory and managing warehouse operations through the entire distribution cycle, from purchasing to stocking, all the way through sales.

Sage 500 (MAS 500) Manufacturing and Distribution Overview

The following modules integrate seamlessly with Sage 500 (MAS 500) wholesale distribution software to build valuable functionality as stand-alone solutions and give your distribution operations unparalleled efficiency and control.

Inventory Management

Track costs and sales histories by warehouse, and use multiple bins in the same warehouse for a single inventory item. With this wholesale distribution software feature, you'll be able to quickly locate the items your customers are requesting.

Inventory Replenishment

Meet demand and reduce inventory and carrying costs with the Inventory Replenishment wholesale distribution software module by incorporating such factors as seasonal cycles, sales history and lead times to determine the appropriate order point for inventory.

Warehouse Management

Align processes in your warehouse with your business management system. The Warehouse Management wholesale distribution software module extends the functionality of the Inventory Management and Inventory Replenishment modules by providing advanced features, including bin tracking, three-step inventory transfers, and both wave and zone picking.

Warehouse Automation

Keep inventory information current, provide maximum accuracy, and raise the performance of warehouse personnel. Warehouse Automation wholesale distribution software provides instant and accurate data entry using wireless handheld devices equipped with a keypad and bar code scanner. We also include LabelXpert Designer for companies that must create their own specific bar code labels. These two wholesale distribution software modules act as an extension of the Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Sales Order and Purchase Order modules.

Purchase Order

Control inventory through accurate tracking and manage the physical receipt of materials by matching the delivery receipt with the invoice and the original purchase order.

Sales Order

Price inventory items based on customer class, location, discounts, or any number of criteria your business requires. Each line item can have its own ship-to address, salesperson, tax rate, ship date, ship-from location and drop ship.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Advantage 500 is the premier integrated EDI solution for Sage 500 (MAS 500) users. EDI Advantage 500 is published by Kissinger, and offers unparalleled capabilities including intelligent integration and hands-free mode. EDI Advantage 500 lets you free yourself from EDI worries and turn EDI into the convenient and profitable business advantage it should be.

Credit Card Processing

A complete credit card processing solution for mail order, telephone order, and Internet businesses. Transactional information, such as authorization codes, is captured and stored for historical and reconciliation purposes. Security and fraud prevention features protect both you and your customers from unauthorized credit card usage.

Sales Tax

Constantly changing tax laws intensify the complexity of calculating, collecting, and remitting sales and use taxes to more than 8,000 taxing jurisdictions across North America. Automate calculation, reporting, and returns to reduce audit risks, and time-consuming tax schedule research. Sage 500 Sales Tax automates functions ranging from jurisdiction assignment, rate research, and maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance.


eOrder empowers your salespeople with real-time remote access to critical customer account information and the ability to perform essential sales activities, including placing orders, checking order and shipment status, as well as managing invoicing, payment, and credit history.

StarShip Parcel

Retain customer loyalty by accelerating your product delivery. StarShip Parcel multi-carrier shipping software helps your company become a more competitive distributor and even has the potential to reduce shipping and shipping-related expenses of small parcel shipments.

StarShip Freight

StarShip Freight efficiently integrates packing and shipping for truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, and minimizes shipping costs by comparing rates and combining orders.

Return Merchandise Authorization

Processing returns and staying competitive demands a more specialized level of service. Tracking and resolving these returns can be an increasing challenge. The Sales Order module includes advanced tools to manage customer returns and a formalized Return merchandise Authorization process to help you easily implement return and replacement policies.

Light Manufacturing and Advanced Kitting

Manage production and kit assembly without complicated labor transactions or material issues. Streamlined Sage 500 (MAS 500) manufacturing business software integrates with other optional modules and allows distributors, assemble-to-order industries, and other light manufacturers to concentrate on other critical business issues without getting tied up in complex manufacturing processes.

Product Configurator

Configure sales orders and finished parts routings or bills of material based on variable functions. An easy-to-use manufacturing software interface lets customer service quickly identify and select configured parts. Create new items on-the-fly using customized item masks, as well as new long- and short-item descriptions. As part of Sage 500 wholesale distribution software, Product Configurator even builds the item cost and suggested price.

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