Sage 500 (MAS 500) Customization

Sage 500 (MAS 500)
Data Import Manager

  • Import entity or transaction information from a wide variety of formats
  • Built-in defaults for required fields with ability to override
  • Wizard-based interface for simplified data mapping
  • Automated error reporting for invalid data ensuring referential integrity
  • Ability for novice users to run import jobs created by database experts
  • Run imports one time or schedule to run on a regular basis
  • Security to control user access to pre-defined import job

Sage 500 (MAS 500) Data Import Manager - features, benefits and reports

With the Data Import Manager, you no longer need to perform software “gymnastics” to get the information you need. By leveraging the strong tradition Sage 500 ERP has as an open ERP platform, the Data Import Manager lets you easily import data from other applications on a one-time or recurring basis.

If you perform imports from a specialized software package, you’ll find you can use Data Import Manager to make the transfer virtually seamless. Importing data using Data Import Manager is a simple process. Built with .NET and SQL Server SSIS technology, this robust database mapping tool includes a simple graphical interface that lets you map data fields and import data directly from sources such as Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, XML and more.

Yet, the power of the Data Import Manager lies in its additional data controls. For example, if you need to keep your Sage 500 (MAS 500) master file synchronized with a prospect database, you can set the import to run automatically every day, every hour, or every minute. You can chain imports together, so that an invoice import automatically follows a customer import. By leveraging the power of database scripting and SQL Server SSIS you can even instruct the program to run a script file automatically before the import, upon successful completion of an import, or after an error occurs. Records with errors are identified and can be corrected and re-run later.

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