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Oct 22 14

3 Places to Start Improving Business Processes

by Joseph Powell

Strengthen Your BusinessWe recently challenged companies like yours to identify an inefficient business process and start our 6 Steps to Improve Business Processes. Depending on your company’s size and complexity, it can be difficult to pick a process to start with, or pick one that’s easy to understand quickly. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are some ideas:

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Oct 15 14

Take the Monthly Challenge…

by Joseph Powell

Strengthen Your BusinessWe recently posted “6 Steps to Efficient Business Processes” to help you identify inefficient processes in your company and implement change.

The 6 steps discussed were:

  1. Take a tour
  2. Talk to employees
  3. Map the process
  4. Analyze and redesign
  5. Make the change
  6. Monitor and adjust

Then we laid out a challenge to YOU — Pick at least one process you think might be inefficient and start your “tour.” Take a look at each step of that process and ask yourself “Why do we do it this way?”

If you haven’t started looking at processes yet, pick a random one and reference the Take a Tour step from the article. You’ll see how the concept works and be prepared once you identify an inefficient process. Also be sure to encourage open communication among managers and employees so inefficiencies are brought up as they arise.

No matter where you are with reviewing or improving processes, remember that changes are rarely perfect right from the start. It’s likely you’ll have to fine tune the details after new steps are put into place. Also, be sure to communicate the changes to stakeholders and affected employees before a new process is implemented.

Where are you with your business process review?

Let us know your successes, challenges, or questions. If you want to know more, contact me about our business consulting services. We’ll also have another article later this month on how to choose a process if you’re still having trouble.

Oct 9 14

Re: Unsupported versions of Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90/200)

by James Gechter

Sage 100 ERP logoAs of September 30, 2014, Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) versions 4.4 and below are no longer supported by Sage. While Sage 100 users on these unsupported versions might be happy with their systems’ performance, it is never a good idea to run an organization on an unsupported version of critical software.

Here are 10 reasons to upgrade Sage 100 if you’re on version 4.4 or below:

  1. Take advantage of subscription pricing to get back on plan with no penalties — and get a predictable monthly charge.
  2. Use national account management features and functionality to streamline your branch and corporate customer billing and sales order processing while keeping unique accounts.
  3. Efficiently handle increasing complexities of payroll processing with new methods of deduction calculations, benefits accruals, and recalculations.
  4. Beat the competition with flexible pricing set by combinations of totals, items, groups, and customers.
  5. Allocate products by lot and serial numbers; reserve limited-quantity products for loyal customers or to match previous shipments.
  6. Improve cash flow with streamlined purchase orders created from sales orders.
  7. Increase efficiencies of your system with easy-to-download product updates.
  8. Reward your sales team with automatic split commissions.
  9. Choose to migrate to Sage 100 Premium ERP (previously MAS 200 SQL) for more efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.
  10. Lower the cost of personalizing your system with easier and more powerful methods of applying customizations that will not be impacted by upgrades.
Oct 3 14

6 Steps to Efficient Business Processes

by Joseph Powell

Strengthen Your BusinessIf your company is losing money, process inefficiency could be the cause. Inefficiency often comes from outdated processes or bottlenecks in everyday procedures. For example, there could be a step in your shipping process that causes constant delays, or the method of collecting payments takes too long. Over time, inefficiencies like these decrease your company’s ability to profit.

Your business needs to evaluate processes routinely to eliminate bottlenecks and improve efficiency. Some experts tell companies to review business processes once or twice a year.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of how to perform your own business improvement exercise to identify and address inefficiencies.

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Sep 25 14

12 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Business Software

by James Gechter

Companies of all sizes use business software to help with everyday tasks like billing, reporting, and inventory management. However, as business needs change, sometimes software needs change as well.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  1. You hear more frequent complaints from users.
  2. You and your employees can’t get the reports you need.
  3. Employees ask to add non-authorized software to the system or download apps onto their work phones.
  4. You can’t fulfill requests from partners or customers in the format and timeframe they request.
  5. You’re still not fully utilizing the Internet in your business.
  6. You need to add more users, but your system limits or restricts you.
  7. Gaps between front-end and back-end systems are plugged with unsatisfactory customized solutions.
  8. The software inhibits users from completing tasks.
  9. You have multiple, non-integrated information stores.
  10. You contemplate hiring contractors to write add-ons.
  11. Support costs have risen.
  12. You don’t have enough support resources.


If so, it may be time to start looking at other software options, preferably a scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that will better equip you to grow your business.


Need help? Choosing the right business solution can be daunting. That’s why Kissinger offers experience and expertise to work with you, and create a solution to meet your needs today and accommodate for the change and growth you will experience in the future.

Sep 11 14

Do you know about these Sage 100 2014 features?

by James Gechter

What's New in Sage 100 ERP 2014?

Whether you use an earlier version of Sage 100 ERP (2013, 4.5, 4.4, etc.), or already have version 2014, there might be some features you don’t know about yet.

Could you use these Sage 100 ERP 2014 features?

  • Find customers, vendors, and item descriptions by name instead of number with Autocomplete.
  • Look up invoices with just a click using the new Invoice list flashlight.
  • Search more easily with an improved Search grid window.
  • Run multiple reports faster using the Print stay open option.
  • Quickly identify profitability with the Sage Intelligence Profitability Dashboard.
  • Stay up to date with a range of important Payroll Enhancements.

Need more info?

Contact your Sage 100 reseller, compare Sage 100 upgrade scenarios here, or view our full What’s New in Sage 100 ERP 2014? page.

Sep 3 14

Kissinger Associates, Inc. Appoints Professional Services Coordinator

by James Gechter

Aimee GoodwinKissinger Associates, Inc. is very pleased to announce that the company has brought Aimee Goodwin on board as Professional Services Coordinator. In this role, Aimee is working with the expanding professional services team to ensure that customers continue to feel very satisfied with the services they are receiving as the company increases the delivery of website integration solutions and related services. Aimee is focused on assisting the professional services team to meet customer expectations for overall satisfaction through responsiveness, professionalism, expertise, and accuracy in all Kissinger services.

Aimee brings a wealth of customer service, customer relationship, and troubleshooting knowledge to this new position, and her skills are providing important benefits for Kissinger customers. Prior to joining Kissinger, Aimee spent the last 7 years with Santander Bank in customer account management, where she was instrumental in servicing an array of national accounts. She joins the Kissinger services team as part of the company’s on-going expansion with the mission of strengthening the quality and timeliness of customer services, not only for web integration solutions, but across all Kissinger product and service lines, including Sage 100 ERP, EDI Advantage, and IN-SYNCH Web-Stor. Aimee is also a member of Kissinger’s management team, where she provides leadership and guidance on service-related initiatives.

Aug 27 14

Kissinger Associates Brings on Web Software Engineer

by James Gechter

Cosme PantinKissinger Associates, Inc. is very happy to announce the addition of Cosme Pantin to the company’s roster. Cosme joins Kissinger in the position of Web Software Engineer. In his role with the company, Cosme is contributing to the successful design, development and execution of web software projects and other software development initiatives.

Cosme brings an extensive background of web programming knowledge in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Jquery, and other languages, having completed numerous programming projects in his career history as a Senior Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Network Technician, and Freelance Developer. He is already bringing his skills to the management of IN-SYNCH Web-Stor projects and other web programming projects. Cosme is also involved in developing new product and service offerings for Sage 100 ERP and beyond.

Cosme serves under Aimee Goodwin, Kissinger’s Professional Services Coordinator. He joins the Kissinger services team as part of the company’s on-going expansion to deliver website integration solutions through the Sage business partner channel.

Aug 13 14

One Video, Two Solutions

by James Gechter

Before every Sage Summit trade show, participating exhibitors stress about who’s going, what equipment is needed, how the booth graphics look, handouts, giveaways, etc. However, as a Silver Sponsor for Sage Summit 2014, the IN-SYNCH Web-Stor team (comprised of Kissinger Associates, ROI Consulting, Clearnine, and Simplicity Consulting) also had to present a video in the booth during the event.

SPOILER ALERT: Everything worked out! Here’s a look at the finished product:

And while the video lasts just over a minute, there was much more time and energy invested in the production.
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Aug 5 14

And the winner of the Phantom Drone Quadcopter giveaway is…

by James Gechter

Marsha Roudabush! Congratulations, Marsha!

The Phantom Drone Quadcopter giveaway was just one of the attractions at the IN-SYNCH Web-Stor booth at Sage Summit this year.

Phantom Drone Quadcopter from IN-SYNCH Web-Stor

If you missed us at Summit or didn’t get to attend, check out our Facebook page for photos, the new IN-SYNCH Web-Stor video featured at the booth, and the press release with details.

We are super excited for Marsha to take this heavy duty bad boy out for a spin. And if she gets a GoPro to go with it, we might see some cool video!

You can learn more about IN-SYNCH Web-Stor at and more about DJI’s Phantom Quadcopter here.