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Jul 23 14

IN-SYNCH Web-Stor Roundtable at Summit

by Robert Pirock

Join us for lunch at Summit!

Representatives from Silver Sponsor IN-SYNCH Web-Stor will be hosting a roundtable discussion that includes an overview of the newly launched IN-SYNCH Web-Stor product line on Wednesday (7/30) from 12:00 – 2:00. We’ll be having lunch and discussing:

  • The history and make up of the IN-SYNCH Web-Stor product line
  • Why customers prefer our method of integrating into Sage 100
  • The opportunities that a trusted e-commerce integration solution offers both partners and clients
  • Anything else you’d like to discuss!

This is a great session for seasoned partners and those looking to find out more.  There are only 8 seats available, and they’re filling fast! If you’d like to participate in an informative discussion with us and your peers over lunch, Sign up today!

Oh, and you don’t have to wait for Summit- Submit your questions or anything that you’d like to learn more about in the comments section below.

Jul 22 14

Some Clips of Big Names Speaking at Sage Summit

by Kissinger Associates

The countdown is on and Sage Summit is right around the corner! This year brings a re-designed Summit experience with lots that is new. For the first time ever, Sage Summit is being promoted as an opportunity for anyone who wants to learn and share ideas, whether they use Sage products or not. Adding to the excitement of the event is the top-notch list of speakers who will share their time with Summit attendees at all kinds of speaker sessions and learning opportunities.

Here’s a rundown of the featured speakers who will be “wow-ing” the audience with insights from their careers and success:

Biz Stone

Co-Founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc.
Co-Founder of Twitter

Here’s a “highlights” video of Biz Stone speaking at various events:


Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs

From their promotional materials: 

Karl Rove and Robert Gibbs provide intimate and insightful commentary as they both speak with great authority and accuracy from a White House Insider’s perspective. Each speaker shines a dynamic light on the political issues of the day based on their unique relationships – Karl Rove from his years as one of President George W. Bush’s closest confidants and advisors, and Robert Gibbs from his years as a longtime advisor to President Obama.


Magic Johnson

Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises

He’s a basketball legend who has leveraged his leadership skills into business & philanthropy. Here’s a clip from a speech about his life and accomplishments at the 2014 YPO Global EDGE conference held in Los Angeles, CA 26-27 February, 2014:


Jessica Alba

Co-Founder of The Honest Company
NYT Best Selling Author, Activist and Actress

What’s a concerned mom to do when all she wants are products that are unquestionably safe, healthy, beautiful, & affordable? Dream big and start her own brand. That’s Jessica’s story – at least one chapter of it! Her acting career continues to flourish and she recently released her first book. We couldn’t find a clip of Jessica giving a talk…you’ll have to wait for the real thing at Summit in a few days!


Eric Ryan

Co-Founder Method Products, Inc.

Ryan believes a unique company culture that keeps people weird, creative and humble was the key to building their niche in an old-school industry. Here’s a short clip of Ryan talking about his company.


J. Carey Smith

One part innovator, one part coach, he’s made every part of Big Ass — from the shop floor to the R&D lab – a great place to work. Here, he talks about what he believes it takes to be successful.


Jennifer Fliess

Among the first to tap into the Millennial impulse to rent not buy, she proved it’s more than big enough to build a business. In this clip, Jennifer describes how Rent the Runway came to be and how the company serves customers.


Ben Kaufman

Here’s a company that reinvented the very act of inventing by making sure it’s accessible to everyone. Here’s a clip of Ben discussing the importance and value of collaboration in the process of inventing.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this little preview of the inspiring speakers you’ll soon encounter at Sage Summit 2014!

Jul 18 14

Enter to Win a Phantom Drone Quadcopter!

by Robert Pirock

OK, this is pretty cool and we’re excited to share it with you: We’ll be giving away a Phantom Drone Quadcopter from DJI at the IN-SYNCH Web-Stor booth at Sage Summit! Would you like to be the lucky visitor that stops by and wins it?

Phantom Drone Quadcopter from IN-SYNCH Web-Stor

Just “fly in” and maybe you’ll be able to fly it out!
Visit the IN-SYNCH Web-Stor booth (booth #720) at Sage Summit and enter the drawing for your chance to win.

DJI’s Phantom Quadcopter is the gear of choice for next-generation filmmakers, extreme sports enthusiasts and R/C hobbyists. (Know anyone who wouldn’t have fun flying it?) Despite all the advanced functions, it’s easy to learn, so if you’ve never before owned an outdoor helicopter, this is the place to start.

This model is a heavy-duty drone, with a mount that’s able to carry a GoPro or DSLR camera. And with innovative features such as Intelligent Orientation Control, automatic navigation back to home, and a sleek, integrated design, you’ll see for yourself why the Phantom is the rig used by pros and beginners alike. You can get more details here.

So, if you’re coming to Summit, make sure you stop by booth #720 to check out a demo of IN-SYNCH Web-Stor’s cart connectors and e-commerce platform, enter the drawing, and then fly on outta there. :-)

Jul 17 14

New Cart Connectors Added for IN-SYNCH Web-Stor Connect

by Robert Pirock

Yep, we added three more!

IN-SYNCH Web-Stor Connect now offers ready-to-go connectors for three more carts: WooCommerce, OpenCart, and osCommerce. These newest additions join our already-long-list of cart connectors to bring the total to 20 and counting! And remember, IN-SYNCH Web-Stor Connect can connect any cart, so just ask us if you don’t see yours!

Here are the new carts you can connect in a jiffy with IN-SYNCH Web-Stor Connect:


WooCommerce Logo WooCommerce is a WordPress-based plugin that lets WordPress users add e-commerce capabilities to their current WordPress site. The plug-in is free and gives users a smart dashboard with robust reports and statistics. It is also customizable, offering several different themes, along with additional extensions that allow the user to manage their online inventory and integrate payments and shipping with major vendors.


OpenCart Logo OpenCart is an open source “turn-key” e-commerce solution that is free to download. The solution has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in, and provides users with lifetime free support and software updates. OpenCart also offers their users a high degree of flexibility and customization with additional themes and extensions available for purchase.


osCommerce Logo osCommerce is another free, open source e-commerce solution that has over 7,000 free add ons. The company been around for 14 years and have over 260,000 users. This solution is self-hosted and gives users access to exclusive promotions from their partners including a free 3 month introductory offer to Sage Pay.


For more information about IN-SYNCH Web-Stor Connect for Sage 100 ERP (or to learn more about IN-SYNCH Web-Stor 100, the e-commerce platform built for Sage 100 ERP), please contact your Sage reseller or visit


Jul 10 14

Kissinger Enhancements – Compatibility with Latest Sage Product Updates

by Diane Schultz

Here’s the latest on the compatibility of Kissinger enhancement products with the following Sage 100 ERP Product Updates, released on June 30, 2014:

  • Sage 100 ERP 2014 Product Update 3 (
  • Sage 100 ERP 2013 Product Update 7 (

Checking Compatibility
Before installing Sage Product Updates, you should check the compatibility of any customizations you have, and all your third-party software, including your Kissinger Enhancements (lists below). If you need a compliance fix for our software, you can obtain it by logging into the Customer Portal or Business Partner Portal, and then clicking on the enhancement/s that need the fix.

Compatibility with Sage 100 ERP 2014 Product Update 3:


Compatibility with Sage 100 ERP 2013 Product Update 7:

Sage Product Update Tips

Review the Read Me files and Release Notes
You’ll find these located in the Sage Customer Portal. These files list all the enhancements and corrections included in the Sage product update, as well as friendly reminders.

Make a back up!
Don’t lose that data.

Are You Using Sage 100 ERP 2014 Yet?

You can get more information on the latest version of Sage 100 ERP  by contacting Kissinger.

May 28 14

Kissinger Associates and ROI Consulting Announce IN-SYNCH Web-Stor

by James Gechter

Leading Sage Development Partners Join Forces to Launch IN-SYNCH™ Web-Stor™

Marks Debut of Complete, Optimized E-commerce Integration Solution for Sage 100 ERP


Centerport, PA – Kissinger Associates and ROI Consulting today announced the launch of IN-SYNCH™ Web-Stor™, an optimized e-commerce integration solution for Sage 100 ERP. As the channel’s first one-stop solution for synchronizing and integrating virtually any website shopping cart with Sage 100, IN-SYNCH Web-Stor brings a complete solution to a market previously limited to the use of developer tools and customizations.

IN-SYNCH Web-Stor“We are so excited to make this announcement today because of the opportunity this solution represents for Sage 100 business partners and their clients. The IN-SYNCH Web-Stor team has been working hard to really knock this one out of the park,” remarked Darryl Kissinger, president of Kissinger Associates, Inc.

IN-SYNCH Web-Stor uses the market-leading IN-SYNCH™ data synchronization module published by long-time Sage Software Development Partner, ROI Consulting. Kissinger stated, “We have partnered with ROI and put IN-SYNCH at the heart of our offering because it is an outstanding tool for synchronizing data. We’ve also included a long list of ready-to-go shopping cart connections and Sage 100 integration advantages to ensure IN-SYNCH Web-Stor covers all the bases with everything a company needs.”

Bob Richter, CEO of ROI Consulting, Inc. explained, “We have been integrating websites to Sage 100 with IN-SYNCH for the past 16 years. Our customer base has grown, the market is maturing and we wanted to build on our success. The IN-SYNCH Web-Stor brand was born from our desire to do more for our partners and their customers by bringing everything they need together in one solution that is optimized, implemented quickly and impeccably supported on an on-going basis. By partnering with Kissinger Associates we made that happen, and more.”

IN-SYNCH Web-Stor offers Sage 100 integration with popular website shopping carts and ecommerce sites, including Amazon, AspDotNetStoreFront, Commerce Hub, Commerce V3, eBay, Magento, Magento Go, Miva, Network Solutions, PDG Cart, Pinnacle Cart, Shopify, Volusion, X-Cart, Yahoo Cart and Zen-Cart. Users can also select the IN-SYNCH Web-Stor cart and storefront, built specifically to optimize integration with Sage 100 ERP item, pricing, and customer account features.

ROI Consulting, Inc. is the publisher of IN-SYNCH and will continue working directly with the company’s established Sage 100 partners and customer base, third-party partner and website provider relationships. Kissinger Associates will focus on increasing IN-SYNCH Web-Stor market share through the company’s established channels and existing client relationships, as well as providing expanded service and support resources.

For more information about integrating your web store with Sage 100 ERP, please visit

About Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Kissinger Associates is a leading provider of ERP integration solutions for Sage 100 ERP. Founded in 1985, the company’s mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses use integrated software solutions to maximize effectiveness and competitive advantage. As a Sage Gold Development Partner, Kissinger publishes EDI Advantage and other ERP integration solutions for Sage 100. Kissinger has been using the company’s core values to serve Sage Business Partners and their clients with integration solutions since 1989. Kissinger’s growing team of professionals works out of the company’s corporate offices in Centerport, PA. For more information, please visit

About ROI Consulting, Inc.

ROI Consulting, in business since 1997, is a market leader in developing website integration for Sage 100 ERP, including the IN-SYNCH application. The company is a Sage Software Development Partner. Principals of ROI Consulting, based in Bellevue, NE, have long-established careers in the Sage 100 ERP space spanning 25 years. Bob Richter has in-depth experience with implementing, developing and supporting Sage 100 ERP and extensive experience with integration solution development. Ruth Richter is a former employee of State Of The Art, original publisher of MAS 90 Accounting Software, working with channel partners and their clients. For more information, please visit

Jun 17 13

Amazon Marketplace Integration for Sage 100 (MAS 90/200) ERP

by James Gechter

Last year, Amazon made more than $61 billion in net sales.1

Are you using the online retailing power of to sell your products directly to customers? The Amazon Marketplace Connector for EDI Advantage gives you the ability to automatically integrate Amazon Marketplace orders with your Sage 100 ERP system.



The Amazon Marketplace Connector for EDI Advantage brings Amazon Marketplace orders right into Sage 100 and notifies Amazon when orders have been fulfilled (so you can get paid). It can be automated or initiated on demand.

  • Automatically downloads Amazon Marketplace orders
  • You receive orders in your Document Express inbox
  • Integrates orders into Sage 100 ERP as Sales Orders
  • Automatically sends shipping acknowledgement to
  • Includes connectivity services, training, and support

But…is this EDI with Amazon?

You might be asking yourself whether we’re talking about EDI or something else. In other words, what’s the difference between the Amazon Marketplace Connector and traditional EDI? The answer lies in understanding the difference between selling THROUGH vs. selling TO

Selling THROUGH vs. Selling TO

When you sell products THROUGH, you establish a merchant account with Amazon and use the site to offer your products directly to shoppers. This is selling THROUGH and doesn’t require the use of EDI, but does require the Amazon Marketplace Connector for EDI Advantage to automate the integration of orders you receive.

Selling your products TO means that Amazon is your buyer, and Amazon will present your products on their site because Amazon is buying them from you. Selling TO represents the more traditional ‘trading partner’ relationship between your company and and does require the use of EDI.

Ready to open a new market?

If you aren’t already selling through, it could open up a whole new world of customers for your products. And if you already participate in this sales channel, Sage 100 integration will make it even better.

And if this is all new to you…

We can help you more. You might like to have help with setting up your Amazon Marketplace Merchant ID, Product Listings and Amazon Product Preapprovals (as needed). Or you might need a hand with setting up customized shipping rates for your products to replace the default Amazon shipping rates that apply to all newly established merchant accounts.

Contact us if you’d like more information.



1 “Amazon sales top $61 billion in 2012″ /

Mar 6 13

Get Closer to Customers with Portals

by James Gechter

What does the word “portal” bring to mind? Does it conjure images from sci-fi movies and video games? Regardless of where they show up, portals usually function in a similar way: bringing two disparate places closer together for instantaneous travel.
Business Data Integration

Customer Portals

Portals work the same in the online business world, except they bring disparate data to one location. So instead of instantaneous travel like in the movies, there’s an instantaneous transmission of data. With customer portals, this involves a customer getting information from a company’s database. If you’ve ever paid a bill online or logged into a website to review account details, you’re familiar with the concept.

Customer portals have been widely adopted since they give customers on-demand access to business information that affects them. Offering customers a route of self-service leads to greater satisfaction, since the customer is no longer required to adhere to your business hours when looking for information.

From a business point of view, this can lessen time your staff spends fulfilling customer requests for basic information like account balances and order statuses. Plus, there’s no standard for a customer portal. It can be completely tailored to the way your customers do business with you.

Here are some services companies offer on their customer portals:

Account Management

Lets customers manage their account with you online. This could involve something as basic as contact information, or setting billing preferences.


If Accounts Receivable is important to your business, you could let customers see their open/outstanding invoices in a portal, as well as invoice history. There are also ways for your customers to make payments online so they don’t need to call in to make payments.

Online orders

If you sell your products online, you could offer customers a feature in your portal that lets them view and track their orders. This might require integration with your shipping software.


Setting up a customer portal will usually require some form of integration if the data you’re serving your customers comes from a business/accounting software platform. Here at Kissinger, we use portals for internal operations, and have made ones available for our customers and business partners. So let us know if you have questions on integrating Sage 100 with a website or e-commerce site to create a customer portal.

Feb 20 13

Q: How can I get started with SEO?

by James Gechter

Website owners and businesses are always asking where to start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

That’s because SEO has grown beyond adding keywords to a website. There are tactics for getting links to point to your website, optimizing references, and integrating social media. There are entire companies and conferences dedicated to ranking higher in Google, Bing, and beyond. There are experts, gurus, and other SEO professionals. It’s hard for someone outside the practice and with no knowledge to keep up with it all.

So where is the best place to start?

A: Make the commitment.

Despite what some marketing agencies say, getting ranked #1 in a short amount of time and staying there isn’t easy (for the good keywords anyway). SEO is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” task. Your company has to make an ongoing resource commitment to achieve SEO greatness. Luckily, there are ways to set yourself up for continuous SEO activity:

  • Get your staff trained on SEO basics to do it themselves
  • Consult with a professional to create an SEO plan
  • Have a third party manage your SEO activities, including monitoring ongoing progress and implementing needed changes.

Before you choose which path to go down, you’ll want to ask yourself:

  • Does my company have the resources to support SEO activities?
  • Will SEO replace the time and cost that used to be spent on more traditional marketing (ex. print ads, direct mail)?
  • Where does it relate to my company’s other plans and goals?

Contact me to discuss the best place for your company to start with SEO, and get your company ranking higher!

Jan 24 13

Web Project Profile: Seagroatt Riccardi

by James Gechter

Rarely are so many of Kissinger’s Web Services combined in a single project. However, that was the case with a recent request from Seagroatt Riccardi, an industry-leading floral distributor.

The family owned business, located in Latham, NY, was originally a premiere rose-growing business under Henry J. Seagroatt. Later, the company upgraded its technical operations and business processes so it could serve retail florists across the northeast United States. Today, Seagroatt Riccardi continues to expand as it provides fresh flowers and floral products year round, as well as personal attention to clients.

When it came time to update their web presence, Seagroatt Riccardi wanted to set the standard for wholesale live delivery in the industry. Due to the short shelf life of their products, the ability to update and display live inventory was key.

Matt Perfetti at Seagroatt Riccardi described their needs:

“We were seeking a redesigned website, focused on e-commerce, that integrated with our Sage 100 ERP Advanced system. It had to display inventory and pricing in real time in an easy-to-navigate and visually appealing interface, and push completed sales orders immediately to Sage for processing. We then added customized controls that mimic the business rules our staff applies to every situation to make certain that our users receive the same level of professional service when placing web orders as with phone orders.

These goals became solid achievements with the launch of the finished site, which announced to the world that Seagroatt Riccardi, LTD. has propelled itself again into the forefront of technology with unique style in the Wholesale Floral Industry. We are extremely proud of this achievement and are excitedly looking forward to further technological developments that add value to every customer interaction. It will be the talented team at Kissinger Associates that will undoubtedly remain an integral part of that aspiration.”

Seagroatt Riccardi customers can now:

  • Browse Seagroatt’s live inventory and place orders online
  • Access their account information—sales orders, invoices, credits—from Seagroatt’s website
  • Find items easier using categories, keywords, colors, and/or prices

You can see Seagroatt Riccardi’s new website here, and check out their cooler tours, the innovative method they use to give customers a visual of the live inventory.

Learn more about Kissinger Web Services here, or contact us directly.